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Urban Impact is a waste management and recycling company that provides a range of environmentally responsible services to businesses and organizations in British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded in 1989 by Nicole Stefenelli, with a vision of creating a more sustainable future by providing businesses with practical solutions for reducing their waste and improving their environmental impact.

Urban Impact also features images and videos showcasing the company's services and initiatives. Its services include Recycling, Shredding, Waste audits, and consulting, and also provides information related to the online tools associated with the website.  Additionally, the website provides information about the company's commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.

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How does it work?

Urban Impact's services include secure document destruction, recycling, and waste management solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company also offers customized solutions tailored to each client's unique needs and goals, with a focus on maximizing resource recovery and reducing waste to landfill. In addition to its waste management services, Urban Impact is committed to environmental sustainability and community engagement. The company has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its own environmental footprint, including the use of hybrid vehicles and energy-efficient technologies in its operations. Urban Impact also supports various community initiatives and events, including local fundraisers, food drives, and beach cleanups.


Urban Impact was developed in Drupal 7 at first, later we upgraded the site through migration to newer versions of Drupal 8 and now migrated it again to Drupal 9. We experienced some challenges related to all the deprecated modules as there were several modules that didn't support the latest Drupal version. However, we did overcome this issue by finding some alternatives as well as applying some patches as well as customizing the modules. Apart from that, other challenges included dynamic page creation according to the company objectives. We had to design and develop the pages according to the different Services and Industries the company served, following different wireframes. Also, We worked on the overall responsive designs and made sure the site looked great on every device, and other browsers too. Also, working with the webforms was a little complex, as we needed to have the options on the forms checked according to the pages that the user was browsing the webform from. It was hard but wasn't unfeasible and we sorted it out perfectly. Currently, Urban Impact can be seen as an ongoing project as we are responsible for the monthly updates and maintenance where we go through the site functionalities and make sure all are working perfectly, update the modules, resolve errors, improve page speed, and work in GCLID which help in Google Ads Campaigns optimizations and improve the user experience.


Despite facing numerous complex challenges, we were able to meet the client's requirements in short appreciable time following the best practices. Thanks to the team, and everyone's combined efforts, everything looked great! We enjoyed helping the Urban Impact team in making changes to the site and are still up for new tasks. Working with Urban Impact helped us to grow more and build a strong portfolio and we wish a great luck ahead for the Urban Impact team.

A Website for a waste management and recycling company that provides customized solutions for businesses and organizations.
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