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Phising Simulation
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Phishing Simulation.

The Everycloud Phishing Simulator provides IT departments with a safe and effective way to send mock phishing emails to staff and track responses. This tool includes a dashboard, campaigns, user groups, email templates, and landing pages. The dashboard displays statistics related to emails sent, opened, links clicked, data submitted, and emails reported. The campaign section lists all the created campaigns. User groups can be created for specific groups of users who will receive the phishing emails. Email templates include a variety of safe versions of real templates, which are used for testing purposes. The landing pages feature various web pages that can be used for mock phishing. Users can choose from the provided list or create their own.



How does it work?

Email failures can have a significant impact on organizations, causing disruptions that can be both time-consuming and costly. The Everycloud mail-flow monitor is a free, online application that provides 24/7 monitoring of inbound and outbound email flow. The setup process is quick and easy; simply create a test mailbox and set up a forward back to the user. The mail flow monitor sends emails every five minutes to check that the user's mail server accepts them and calculates the time it takes to receive a response. If a rejection or delay is detected, the user is immediately alerted. The system is designed for end-users and partners, allowing them to log in to the dashboard to view round-trip times, alert details, average uptime and downtime, and manage domain settings.


After conducting a thorough analysis of the technical requirements for the Mail flow monitor platform, we determined that Go programming is the optimal choice for the backend. Its ability to manage multiple tiers of users and permissions, as well as its processing speed, make it well-suited to handling large volumes of emails simultaneously. We have also configured a mini SMTP server to support the platform. For the frontend, we have chosen Drupal and React to display the data to users. These are highly popular and free tools available in the Mail flow monitor marketplace.


The security awareness platform provided by EveryCloud has helped to increase user awareness of the dangers of phishing emails and how to protect themselves against this type of cyber threat. EveryCloud has been a leader in Email Security since 2009, with over 9,000 organizations worldwide using their email system. With millions of emails scanned every hour, they have access to real-time data on phishing emails. Using this data, they create safe versions of the latest threats, which are turned into templates in their Phishing Simulator. This enables users to experience safe simulations of real-world attacks and prepares them to handle the actual threat when it arises.

Training platform

The EveryCloud training platform offers ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end-users, which is crucial for maintaining the security of organizations. This platform allows IT departments to create training campaigns on various topics, including pre-set or custom questions and answers, in a short and actionable format. EveryCloud believes that engaging content is essential to keep users interested in security training. The training platform includes a dashboard that displays important statistics such as total subscribers, campaign views, video views, quiz submissions, average question/answer percentage, and pass-fail total ratio. The campaigns section lists the training campaigns, while the videos section contains a collection of cybersecurity-related videos that the training platform uses for the campaigns.

This software architecture is specifically designed to safeguard organizations against CEO fraud, phishing attacks, and strengthen their human firewall for enhanced security.
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