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Intranet Rodem is a leading provider of sanitary process equipment, service, and systems integration for the dairy, food, and beverage industries, among others. Since 1971, they have been using an Open Atrium-based project to manage their teams, information, and communications. Open Atrium is an open-source platform that enables organizations to create a web portal, project management tool, social forum, intranet, or a combination of these features.



How does it Work?

Open Atrium provides a collaborative workspace where teams can communicate, share information, manage projects, and work together effectively within the context of Spaces. It aims to streamline teamwork, enhance productivity, and foster a centralized hub for collaboration within organizations.


From the planning phase to the finished product, our team worked closely with the client to develop their Intranet Platform using Open Atrium (OA). We began by installing OA on their development server and held multiple meetings to fully understand their scope of work. To meet their custom requirements, we utilized Drupal modules and React JS for the front end, as well as integrated a calendar feature and other functionalities. Throughout the development process, we provided regular demos to the client to ensure we were meeting their needs and making necessary adjustments. Finally, we were able to deliver a finished product that fully met their expectations.


The Intranet Rodem platform is a comprehensive solution that offers various features to its users. For instance, users can access upcoming events and other happenings related to Rodem through the platform. Moreover, the Knowledge Center provides a wealth of information on different topics related to the company and its industry. The platform also has dedicated sections for different departments, such as HR, Safety, Installation & Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT & Supply Chain. These sections provide news and information relevant to their respective fields.

The News section contains a curated list of information on the Company, Industry, and Rodem Happenings for all the users. Overall, the Intranet Rodem platform serves as a central hub for users to access knowledge and services offered by the company.


The Intranet Rodem platform offers a wide range of features that have expanded user creativity and fostered greater engagement in events thanks to the availability of up-to-date information. The platform's news and updates section is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its users, ensuring that they receive the latest and most relevant information.

Intranet Rodem is a project based on the Open Atrium, a Drupal-based CMS framework.
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