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Gsk Cyberskills is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that assists individuals in identifying their skill sets and proficiency levels, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding professional development and training. The platform offers different user roles, including authenticated user, skills manager, sub-admin, and administrator, each with its own set of unique permissions. Users can assign skill scores to various topics, and they can add their profiles, compare their skill set scores with others, and make necessary improvements.

How does it work?

Gsk Cyberskills offers a wealth of cyber skills-related information for interested users. Users have the ability to create an individual profile or a team consisting of a group of individuals. Additionally, users can assign different skill score levels to individual team members and compare their profiles with others or even their team with another team to gauge relative skill levels. Furthermore, users have the option to share or print their skillset scores for their personal use or to showcase their expertise to others.


We encountered several challenges while working on this site, including comparing individual profile scores, team score comparisons, navigating the different user roles and permissions, and calculating the sum of the average profile scores. While these challenges were difficult, they were not insurmountable. With the exceptional support of our team, we were able to overcome these obstacles in a timely manner.

Gsk Cyberskills has provided numerous benefits to organizations. Users can access a wealth of cyber-skills related information, making it easy to compare profiles and skill set scores between individuals and groups. Additionally, Gsk Cyberskills allows users to easily share their profiles with others through a share link, streamlining the dissemination of valuable information among team members.

This web-based product serves as an architectural foundation, designed to support individuals in building a career in cybersecurity.
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