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Everycloud is a company and brand that provides global support to its customers. The company has launched several products including Mail Flow Monitoring and Security Awareness Training and Simulation. One of its notable products is the Mail Flow Monitor, an online email monitoring system that keeps users informed about email flow interruptions within their organization. Users can receive notifications of service disruptions via email or send alerts to an external email address like their support company. To keep a close watch on the server and mail flow, users can utilize the Mail Flow Monitor client.



How does it work?

Email failures can cause significant losses for organizations if not detected and addressed in a timely manner. That's why Everycloud developed a free online application called the Mail-Flow Monitor, which constantly checks the inbound and outbound flow of user's emails 24/7. The setup process only takes a few minutes and involves creating a test mailbox that forwards emails back to the user. Every five minutes, the Mail-Flow Monitor sends a test email to the user's mail server to check if it's working properly and calculates the time it takes for the email to come back. If there are any issues, the user is immediately notified. The system is designed for end-users and partners who can log in to the dashboard to see round-trip time, alert details, average uptime and downtime, and manage domain settings.


After a thorough analysis of the technical requirements of the Mail flow monitor platform, we determined that Go programming is the ideal choice for the backend. Go's ability to manage different tiers of users and permissions, and its processing speed, enables the platform to send and receive large volumes of emails simultaneously. We also set up a mini SMTP server to facilitate this process. For the frontend, we selected Drupal and React as the platforms to display data to the users. These platforms are highly popular and widely used in the Mail flow monitor marketplace, and are available to users for free.


Mail flow monitoring provides a solution to incoming and outgoing email issues. It promptly alerts users if there are any detected bounces of test messages from the mail server. Additionally, users are notified if test emails fail to arrive within a specified time frame. Alerts also include a detailed breakdown of the recent test email journey to help users identify the root cause of any problems.

A SaaS application that monitors the organization's email 24/7, A real-time processing tool created in GO and PHP programming language.
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